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SOGO - Driving the Green Motoring Transition

We are committed to driving the green motoring transition, driving choice and leading the way towards 'electrification' with our flexible car leasing and van leasing all-inclusive offers.

Thanks to our partnerships with the leading green business initiatives in motoring including bp Target Neutral, we can offer choice, value and help you to be at the forefront of the green mobility transition.

What is SOGO Green?

Working together we can make a difference by driving the green transition in a flexible and affordable way.

Our world is going through a once in a century change where the standard Internal Combustion Engine ("ICE") will graduate over a period of time to Battery Electric Vehicles ("EV's").

The change in the power unit is already leading to a fundamental change in the way that you fulfil your vehicle needs.

With the rapid development of electric cars and hybrid cars alike, SOGO's mission is to find you the ideal car for your motoring needs.

We recognise that there is anxiety around electric cars. From speaking to our customer, we know that the adoption of electric and hybrid cars comes with the following concerns:

  • Infrastructure for charging
  • Range anxiety
  • Price point of units
  • Residual value risk
  • Speed of technological change

SOGO have the answers to those anxieties and where an electric car may not suitable for everyone, we have our carbon offset car leasing options to be at the very forefront of the green motoring transition.

Now is the time to consider carbon-offset motoring, the UK Government has banned the sale of pure ICE engines from 2035 and although there is a transitional period for a further 5 years to 2040 for Hybrid vehicles we have already seen these targets change and many of our manufacturing partners invest heavily in making their car range fully electric long before then.

We have taken a good look at the electric cars, hybrid cars and vans available and have pulled together a great range of leasing offers that give the best value in the market in terms of price and flexibility.

Electric car offers

Hybrid car offers

All car offers

Carbon offset car leasing with 'bp Target Neutral'

With the assistance of our partner bp and their Target Neutral your journey to lower carbon starts here.

We are committed to a carbon offsetting program so even if you are looking to lease an ICE vehicle, you are committing to a greener motoring future.

bp Target Neutral is about helping you to carbon offset – reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint

This ensures that whatever car or vehicle you lease from us is carbon offset.

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Working in partnership with Rightcharge

We are partnering with some of the most exciting and dynamic technologically led businesses in the UK market to provide a great range of support to our customers when they are driving an electric car.

From supporting you in selecting the best home based charging unit and identifying the right tariff for your specific needs as well as providing access to a vast array of public charging stations, SOGO can cover all these bases with our partners Rightcharge.

So if you have been thinking about taking that next step in trying an EV – SOGO Flexi gives you the freedom to take a vehicle for 1 – 12 months to see how it goes!

And all at a price that will have you saying – "Why wouldn't I?"

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