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Fair Wear and Tear Guide

When you lease a vehicle from SOGO, it is a requirement in your agreement that the vehicle will be returned to us in a condition that reflects ‘fair wear and tear' at the end of your lease.

To avoid any unexpected charges, please read the BVRLA ‘Fair Wear and Tear Guide’ so you understand what is considered acceptable and unacceptable damage or deterioration during the life of the lease.

This guide explains the fair wear and tear process for lease vehicles, including a breakdown of what is contained in the guidelines and examples of some the most common problems that result in customers having to pay lease-end penalty charges.

This guide also contains advice about maintaining your lease vehicle and the preventative action you can take to keep your lease vehicle in acceptable condition and minimise de-hire charges.

The guide to fair wear and tear covers many aspects including tyres, glass, bodywork, interior, mechanical, wheels and trim.

Please not that further information on the SOGO End of Contract Charges, and Fair Wear and Tear is available as part of the Lease Agreement.

SOGO follows the BVRLA's industry-standard guide that you can view or download below.

View Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Fair Wear and Tear Guide