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SOGO Stories: Meet Richard

Not looking to be tied into a long-term finance agreement, Richard shares his view on why leasing a vehicle can be a perfect choice and save you thousands of pounds.

By The SOGO Team

“I have never been in possession of a brand new vehicle before as I have always been sucked into that old sense of always wanting to own it and quite frankly buying a new car is a mug's game - As soon as you drive it off the forecourt it drops thousands of pounds in value,” Richard said.

“I looked into standard leasing but the idea of tying myself into a finance agreement for years was not attractive to me  - You just don’t know when things can change, especially given what we have all gone through recently,” he said.

Richard was introduced to SOGO through a good friend who suggested that a SOGO Flexi Lease option was worth looking at as an alternative

After looking through the SOGO website and talking with the team, Richard decided to take a brand spanking new Audi A3.

“I love the car” said Richard “and the service received from SOGO, from the initial enquiry to taking delivery of the new car at my home was just brilliant, completely hassle-free and so easy.”

Enjoy the new car Richard and when you are ready, we will have something that we are sure will keep you smiling! 


Find out more about SOGO Flexi here or find our latest leasing deals here.


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