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SOGO Stories: Meet Florence

The COVID-19 pandemic and a professional career change meant Florence needed the flexibility that leasing a car from SOGO provides.

By The SOGO Team

"I was one of SOGO’s first customers!" Flo stated proudly and you may have seen the pictures of Flo on SOGO’s social media pages when she first took delivery of her fabulous metallic blue Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

"I was fortunate to stay fully employed from early on during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. I honestly had very little to spend my money on so I thought why not enjoy yourself a little!" said Flo.

"I was driving at least 2 hours a day to work and back so I just wanted to give myself a little lift every morning when I got in my car and the Alfa leased from SOGO is a car that I would never have had the chance to own - without making a long term financial commitment that as a 25-year old I felt not ready to make" she said.

Flo’s concern that times and events can change has proven to be a very sensible view given that she has now decided to make some further changes, now that life has begun to open up again and pursue her previous career of a professional singer and performer.

"Having the Alfa was brilliant but I needed to make some economies and so have moved out of the Alfa and into a lovely Peugeot 208. This is the beauty of SOGO Flexi, I only needed to give a month’s notice and I could make the change and save myself a few hundred pounds a month."

Good luck with your new career Flo!


Find out more about SOGO Flexi here or find our latest leasing deals here.


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