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New plans for the UK's charging infrastucture and electric car drivers will benefit

By The SOGO Team

Ofgem has announced plans that will make it easier for electric vehicle drivers to sell the energy stored in their car batteries back to the power grid. The initiative is expected to help make the switch away from fossil fuel cars more affordable which in SOGO's view can only be a good thing and a very welcome change.

Electric vehicle drivers could earn money by effectively transforming their cars into mobile power plants by releasing power back to the energy network in the same way that new modern homeowners have been able to do for several years.

It has been calculated that by using vehicle-to-grid technology, the UK could add generation capacity equivalent to 10 large nuclear power stations!

Experts are predicting there will be upwards of 14 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, and we at SOGO hope that by Ofgem changing its grid rules, it could unlock big savings for the energy system and our energy bills.

There is also plans to make it cheaper for charging stations to connect to the electricity grid, enabling more of our drivers to have access to charge points.

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