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How does car leasing work?

By The SOGO Team

Leasing is relativity simple. You choose your car or van, pay an all-inclusive fixed monthly rental over the agreed term and then return the vehicle in good condition at the end of the agreement.

Traditional car leasing agreements tie you into an extended period of time such as 3 to 4 years whereas, with our SOGO Flexi option, you agree to a month-by-month agreement.  Our contracts range from just 1 month to 12 months giving you the maximum flexibility to swap your car for what you want when you want.

It really is that simple. That flexible.


What are the benefits of SOGO Flexi?

  • No long term contracts*
  • Swap your vehicle when you want for what you want. Need a convertible for the summer, no problem. An SUV for the winter, no problem at all.
  • A great choice of cars and vans
  • Affordable and fantastic value
  • Try before you buy and make an informed decision
  • We will buy your car. Release your equity otherwise tied up in a traditional long term motoring contract.


Its our view that committing to 3 or 4 years in a car or van contract no longer makes sense - we find ourselves in a period of a 'motoring transition'. That is why we offer a simple and sensible car leasing alternative that offers both flexibility and incredible value - with green motoring credentials.

If you have a car to sell and are looking to release equity and start your green motoring transition? No problem. We will buy your car or van from you at a market-leading price. Then simply get yourself into a new vehicle with a SOGO Flexi lease.


What is SOGO Flexi?

No upfront payments or long-term contracts. Swap your vehicle when you want for what you want.

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