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Electrification Explained

Charged by the UK Government's 'Electrification' and environmental policy, there has been a rapid increase in motoring manufacturers developing dedicated pure electric vehicles alongside their hybrid model ranges.

There is now, more than ever, a wide choice and ready availability of electric cars or hybrid cars to choose from and it can be daunting for many of us because this is still new technology.

How do you choose? Why go electric or hybrid now? Take a look below to learn everything you could ever need to know about joining the electrification revolution and being a part of the green motoring transition.


Why Go Electric Or Hybrid?

From addressing range-anxiety to helpful advice that dispels the fiction that surrounds electric vehicles, at SOGO we have you covered when it comes to all things electric and hybrid as we look to lower our emissions and save more money!




With electric cars, there is zero fuel required and so zero emissions on the road. Power comes purely from an extremely clever, electric motor. Hybrid cars are also capable of producing fewer emissions into the atmosphere than internal combustion-powered (ICE) cars.



Electric cars and hybrid cars do offer some considerable performance benefits, as well as economical ones. Unlike internal combustion engines, electric motors and hybrid vehicles are capable of delivering high levels of torque and power, instantly. They can be quite a lot of fun to drive!



With 'electrification' being riven by UK government policy, the new nature of electric and hybrid vehicles means that they usually feature the latest upcoming technologies. New technology in electric cars is better integrated into your life and better connected to the wider world.



Depending on your energy provider, electricity is around two-thirds cheaper than petrol or diesel. Plus there are energy plans that specifically cater for charging electric vehicles overnight!



Alternate Power

Switching to a vehicle that is powered by alternate power and enjoying the benefits does not have to be daunting but it can be confusing with different technology driving your vehicle when you out your for down. We have tried to explain the three different types of power available below.


Pure Electric Cars

What is pure electric?
Pure electric cars are exactly that. There is no internal combustion engine. All-electric cars run on battery power alone. Zero fuel is required. Zero emissions on the road. Electric cars are powered by a plug-in battery and propelled by electric motors only.

How are they charged?
Electric cars are charged by being plugged into a power source, traditional or fast chargers which are becoming more readily available, and through regenerative braking while on the move.

How long can I drive before I need to recharge the battery?
Pure electric cars can have a range of over 300 miles but they can vary so it is best to check the model specification for details as some electric car models may only offer half that range.

Electric cars


Plug-in Hybrid Cars (PHEV)

What is a plug-in hybrid?
A plug-in hybrid is a traditional internal combustion engine that is combined with a battery-powered electric motor.

How are they charged?
Plug-in hybrid cars are charged by being plugged into a power supply, or through regenerative braking while on the move. A plug-in hybrid car can also charge the battery from the engine. This means you can leave a city or make short trips by electric power or use the internal combustion engine for the motorway while charging the battery.

Can they run solely on electric power?
Yes, for short journeys of anything up to 30 miles, dependent on the model and specification.

Hybrid cars


Mild Hybrid Cars (MHEV)

What is a mild hybrid car?
Mild hybrids have a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) that is supported by a small electric motor.

How are they charged?
Mild hybrids are charged through the energy that is recovered from regenerative braking, so you don't have to plug them in.

Can they run solely on electric power?
No. The electric motor works in unison with the internal combustion engine to improve the cars engine's efficiency only.

Hybrid cars



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