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Carbon Offset Car Leasing

Join us in driving the green motoring transition and take advantage of our carbon offset car leasing deals in conjunction with bp Target Neutral.

Carbon offset your new car

With our green partner, bp, your new car journey starts here when you choose one of our SOGO Flexi car leasing deals.

In conjunction with bp Target Neutral, we are committed to a carbon offsetting programme. This means that for each car we lease, carbon offsetting is used to compensate for your vehicle's emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.

bp Target Neutral - Carbon offset your new car at SOGO

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bp Target Neutral - Join SOGO in driving the green motoring transition

Your journey to zero carbon motoring starts here

Drive down your carbon footprint with a SOGO Flexi Lease car. Working together, we track your mileage and will figure out your carbon footprint. Once we have your footprint, we can offset it. By offsetting it, together we are helping to fund carbon reduction projects around the world. It is that simple and helps our world move to a net zero.

We are reimagining motoring for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future.

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Let's drive the green transition together.


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