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What was your first Company Car?

What was your first Company Car?

So with the announcement by Ford that they are taking the Mondeo off to a quiet corner of a field and saying goodbye, it has stirred my sentimental soul and has me reflecting on the company car and the part it has played in my life.

Back in the 80's when the company car was a fundamental part of your "benefits" package, it was a real factor if you were looking to move employer.

The Mondeo and its forefathers - The Sierra and Cortina were always a mainstay of the company car fleet and the big debate was always whether you could get yourself into a GL rather than the bog standard L and forget the Ghia spec - that was for the Sales Manager not the lowly Sales Rep!

The same went for the competitor from Vauxhall, the Cavalier - I will never forget the feeling of getting into a Sri 130 in my first management role - I thought I was the dogs proverbial!

So with the death of the Mondeo, we also mourn the end of the company car as we know it - successive tax legislation really saw this off a few years ago and now our digital based business environment is also seeing off the Sales Rep on the road, the core market for these vehicles.

So what was your first company car or which car did you covet but never get your hands on?

Mike Pearce - Operations Director